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- Argupolis II

27 January 2012, the University of Lugano, Switzerland

João Sàágua, Marcin Lewinski and Michael Baumtrog participated in the Inauguration Day of the doctoral programme Argupolis II. ArguPolis, “Argumentation practices in context” is a PhD training and research programme organized by University of Lugano, University of Neuchâtel, University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). ArgLab, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, has become an external partner of the programme. Michael Baumtrog (M.A., University of Windsor, 2011) is a full-time PhD student of the programme; Joao Saagua and Fabrizio Macagno are members of the teaching faculty; Marcin Lewinski is an alumni of the first edition of the programme (2009-2011).